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Knee Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Specialist Questions and Answers

You can still live a healthy, active life with knee arthritis or osteoarthritis, but you’ll want the services of a specialist like one of ours at The Orthopedic Group. Our clinic serves patients from Leesburg VA, Lansdowne VA, Dulles VA, Woodburn VA, Watson VA, Sterling VA, Oak Hill VA, Broadlands VA, Brambleton VA, and Arcola VA. Connect with us for more information or keep reading for our Q&A!

Knee Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Specialist Questions and Answers
Knee Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Specialist Questions and Answers

Q: What does a knee arthritis and osteoarthritis specialist do?

A: This kind of professional is able to diagnose issues with the knees, like arthritis of the knee, which is most often osteoarthritis. Arthritis is a chronic condition, so it’s not curable, and a specialist will help a patient manage the condition’s symptoms, like pain. There are some treatments that may help a patient avoid pain and complications in the future, and live a more mobile and active life. Sometimes surgery is necessary, and the specialist is capable of providing it.

Q: What is good for osteoarthritis pain in the knee?

A: Osteoarthritis of the knee requires professional treatment and sometimes surgery. There are ways to manage osteoarthritis pain and its other symptoms like stiffness and swelling, and this may be necessary, as the condition and symptoms will worsen over time, cause chronic pain, and possibly make daily tasks very difficult for the patient to do.

Staying active, maintaining a healthy weight, and certain treatments can slow the progression of the condition, relieve symptoms, and improve joint function to help a patient live a healthy life. An over-the-counter or prescription pain medication can help with pain relief, and physical therapy can help a great deal too!

Q: How can I strengthen my knees with osteoarthritis?

A: Truly, physical therapy can help a great deal. It will help you strengthen the muscles around your knee joints, increase your flexibility, and reduce pain. You can do gentle exercises on your own along with walking or swimming, or you can get professional physical therapy. There may be other options for you too, like a knee brace or an assistive device. To be safe, though, see a professional about treatment. Come see us here at The Orthopedic Group and we’ll help you put together a pain relief and knee strengthening plan! We can also refer you to an occupational therapist if you need to learn better ways of doing certain tasks around your home.

Q: What can be done for severe arthritis in the knee?

A: In some cases of arthritis in the knee, cortisone injections, lubrication injections, bone realignment, or joint replacement may be the best option for treatment. Injections can help patients avoid surgery in some cases.  Here at The Orthopedic Group, we’ll help you determine the best course of treatment for you and try other treatments before recommending and invasive treatment. Connect with our clinic to book a simple consultation with a specialist.

Q: Do you have a knee arthritis and osteoarthritis specialist near me?

A: We likely do! The Orthopedic Group has a specialist who can help you at any one of our locations in the areas of Leesburg, Lansdowne, or Stonesprings. Please see our Locations page for the location in your area, its address, and its contact details, then connect with us at that location if you believe you need our help. You can book a consultation with us from that page.

Come see a specialist at our clinic for the pain relief and knee strengthening you need to live the kind of lifestyle you want. We hope to see you soon!